Sitting in a chilled office with a headset over my head, the phone rang…I wanted to greet the caller, but tiny drops of sweat appeared on my forehead… despite all my effort I couldn’t gather the courage to say a word, and the call dropped!

This is NOT a movie scene. It is an incident from my own life. I still feel goosebumps whenever I recollect the incident and the transformation I have gone through all these years.

Who was on the other side of the call? Why couldn’t I answer what’s so important in it that I have started my life journey with this incident? 

All your questions are legit; let’s leave a bit of curiosity here and let me address it in a few minutes…

Many of you know me as your digital marketing teacher, while others fantasize about me being a superhuman who is earning from the digital source when many of you haven’t even started yet. 

But who is Aamir Ahmer? Well, I can’t define myself in a line or two like a leader with a set of attributes or a wide fellowship. I have a story, a struggle like normal human beings, and it is the reward of those struggles that I have managed to build by name in the digital world. 

For most people, the online influencers, teachers, and mentors exist as perfect individuals; who are, were, and will always be PERFECT. But you forget, they are humans too. And humans are not meant to be PERFECT! 

Coming back to that scene and your questions: I still remember the time when I intentionally dropped my first call in the call center merely because the client on the other side was a Native English speaker. Over the years, I have groomed myself enough to make those Native English my clients, and that too on a video call.

There is a complete transformation journey, and as I have received so many requests to share it with you, here this article is dedicated to my life events, happenings, and the things that define me. 

My early childhood has been spent in Karachi. All my early schooling has been in the city too, where I have met some great teachers and friends. Like every child, my childhood is still the most memorable part of my life. 

Once I reached matric, I started looking for part-time jobs. I don’t know what led me to think that I shouldn’t be reliant on my parents for my pocket money. But that’s how I thought. So, you can consider me to be in practical life for quite some time now. 

As a kid in Karachi, where the concept of kids working for pocket money was not even understood, at that time, you shouldn’t expect me to be part of some great startups, welcoming young minds. I was just doing ordinary part-time jobs that made me enough money to run my own errands.

One of the biggest advantages I got doing these jobs was to see the world from a different angle.

It helped me give a kickstart to my practical journey.

While in Matric, I knew my English wasn’t good. I did not go to some fancy school where they could help me improve it, so I had to do it on my own if I had to do something later in life. This is why I decided to join a call center. 

It was a tough journey, especially at the start. This was the first time I had interacted with the Englishmen and got scared of them. As highlighted earlier, I literally dropped the call once my mind realized that the person speaking on the other side was a native.

But during 4 years of my journey in the call centers, I transformed from a person who had dropped the first call to the top 5 employees in terms of business development. This title earned me a significant commission apart from my basic salary. It was just like a dream come true. 

But it wasn’t overnight; it wasn’t without effort. 

I had to learn – not only English but pronunciation and communication style too. 

There is nothing like easy money in any field. So, if someone tells you that, it is surely a scam, and you must not fall for it. 

Another important thing I’ll add here is that I never neglected my formal education. It was not that I was not earning or I hadn’t figured out the industry where I could excel, but I never believed in quitting my regular education. 

No matter how pathetic you think our education system has become, you cannot keep yourself out of the system and wait for it to be something equivalent to international standards. You have all the international standard books available with you. Read them, enhance your knowledge and uplift the educational standards. Well, this could be another debate, and we can leave it to some other day. 

By the time I was in my Bachelors (Marketing), I started developing my aptitude for some corporate setup. 

I started searching for jobs but couldn’t find any. If you ask me today, I never knew how to find jobs; otherwise, I would have definitely found one. But this problem gave me an insight that people my age are looking for job opportunities, and we don’t have a platform providing such information. So, that led to my first-ever startup, Jobistaan. 

Jobistaan was unique at that time. I was used to collecting job information from different sources, including forums, newspapers, and advertisements, converting them into 140 characters, and tweeting on Jobistaan’s page. It was highly appreciated by the masses. 

It led to 10-15k followers all organic and without any other effort than posting the job advertisement. Everything else was perfect, but the problem with this startup was that it was not generating any income. 

Meanwhile, people looking for jobs also started sending me their CVs. One of the problems I found with these CVs was that they were not professional. So, I suggested people make better CVs and offered it as Jobistaan’s service. The first order I had was from a Ph.D. doctor from Peshawar. And I charged the lady Rs. 2000 for a professional-looking CV. I think she got the job with that CV. 

But then this venture continued, and I had a chance to interact with people who were more qualified and experienced than me, and I was helping them get a job. It was a good feeling, providing a sense of achievement. I was taking things professionally. Thanks to my call center learning here! I had the domain and email with the same name.

People thought it was a business venture with multiple departments when it was only me, a young lad, behind all the efforts.

By that time, I wanted Jobistaan to be an HR consultancy firm. However, I couldn’t continue it and left it as it is. 

After that, I started 2-3 other businesses as partnerships with friends, but they weren’t any success. To be honest, they did not even offer any learning experience, and I knew it even at the time of investing in those ventures. But you tend to agree with friends and vow to make the impossible possible. So, these ventures were something of that sort. 

In 2016 by the time I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. As I was obsessed with having a corporate job at that time, I got a job in Dolmen Mall Clifton as the social media manager. I was in charge of all their social media accounts. Handling their accounts provided me with some great learning and added to my confidence & credentials. 

But once I got the experience and the necessary exposure, 

I realized that this job setup might earn me a decent income, but it would never make me RICH. 

Don’t judge me, but everyone wants to get out of the daily expenses problems. For that, you need more money than a regular job.

So, by the end of 2018, I co-founded Doers Empire and got it registered as a private limited company. By the time Facebook enabled its monetization, my brother, Umair Ahmer, and I (Aamir Ahmer), were producing content and earning a significant amount from this venture. 

We started doing things formally and established our office in Karachi too. From this office, we catered to local clients who wanted social media management and brand establishment services. 

We provided services to multiple niches, including a clothing brand that earned significantly with our help. Even politicians like Firdous Ashiq Awan also used our brand management and social media management services. So, we had a name in the industry that gave us the confidence to explore more!

At the onset of covid and the lockdown imposed, we could not manage to keep our office. We lost our clientele too. So we had to wind up the local operations and move to the international clients. 

Since then, we have been earning in dollars and telling others that they can do it too.

Our strategies for client acquisition include Upwork (where I am top-rated and near to be top-rated plus), networks, Linkedin, Partners, and social media sources. Google Ads and FB Ads are our main services for the clients, and they are surely happy with us and get back to us for retainer services.

Many of you could be wondering when did I start creating the videos? Well, it is an awkward incident too. In March 2020, I contacted Rehan Allahwala Bhai through Messenger. We finalized an arrangement where I had to go to his office to provide social media training to his team, especially for YouTube. During this time, I never met him in person. 

One day, he invited me to his home to have a chit-chat. I was excited to visit him as it was going to be our first meeting. But something extraordinary happened. 

Just after our initial “salam dua”, Rehan Bhai initiated his Livestream and started the conversation like we were already discussing something about social media (YouTube). 

I was dumbfounded by such an act. Even today, I feel embarrassed recalling how I handled the situation by beating about the bush. But this was my first attempt on camera, and that too in front of thousands of followers of the Rehan Allahwala. 

But that day, I realized that I could be on camera, and the entire purpose of his act was to put me on camera in the first place. He wanted me to spread my knowledge to others. Aamir Ahmer, as the coach owes this journey to him.

I grabbed the message and started recording videos for Youtube. So, you can see a wide library already available for young learners on Aamir Ahmer Academy’s Youtube channel. And thanks to Rehan Bhai, who helped me realize that I had the potential to come on camera and help others. 

Now comes the part about why I started the Aamir Ahmer Academy when I could have done it for free. 

Well, there is no free lunch!

We have the costs associated with teaching. I have to invest my time and effort, so you cannot expect me to leave my clients and invest my time here instead. I am a human too, who also has to face conflicts of interest. So, I started a paid course to compensate for all these costs. 

However, I wanted everyone to learn from the resources I shared. So, I have kept the course fee minimal while it provides value (nothing less than the thousand dollar course), ensuring everyone can afford it and I can spread the knowledge to the masses. I want to be a guiding light to every individual who is looking for a complete way out in the digital field. 

I realize the confusion that young individuals go through once they come to the online world. Many of you don’t even know what freelancing is and how it can be started. And the series of questions is unlimited in this regard. 

So, I aim to guide everyone in a way that you can reach their goals and ultimately help Pakistan in establishing a reputation in freelancing specifically and in every other aspect, generally, to the fullest of my capacity.

I want to transform maximum lives in the best possible way with the knowledge I have.

Besides, you get lifetime support and updated information that keeps you intact with the community. Since August 2020, 1500+ students have joined the course and have started earning from the courses offered. 

You can find the success stories in the Learn with Aamir Ahmer Facebook group. My brother, Umair Ahmer, helps me with the operations part of the academy too.

My goal for Aamir Ahmer Academy is to make it such an institute that it can empower people to a level where they cannot make a difference only in their lives but contribute to the economy of Pakistan. It can be done by establishing their own businesses and creating job opportunities for other Pakistanis or by working as a freelancer dealing with foreign clients. We all need to contribute to Pakistan – that’s how we can grow and our Pakistan can prosper!

I think I have addressed most, if not all, questions that are generally asked of me. I have never discussed things with this detail in my entire life. Even today, the purpose of sharing this journey and my overall transformation is to motivate others, to help others get out of despair, and seek knowledge to help themselves. 

Surely, Allah only helps those who help themselves.

Irrespective of how you perceive my personality, I see myself as another human who is capable of making mistakes, and who has his own life needs and goals to achieve. That makes Aamir Ahmer as ordinary as each one of you; there is nothing extraordinary. 

It is just that I have seen a path to seek knowledge, and after embarking on the journey, I believe I should be helping my fellow people to learn and be on that path with me. We might be on different levels of knowledge today, but once you get on this journey of seeking knowledge, it becomes your responsibility to continue learning and show the light to others. That’s what I am doing, and expect each one of you to do tomorrow.

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